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Thank you for the email and Cong's for hosting a company web site I surely appreciate the services I have received from the staff and workers of dozerbuild in the process of putting up this nest as public officer would like my names to be kept confidential thus is my testimony:-

God bless Dozerbuild staff, personnel and especially Director Herbert for one thing is very apparent that construction in Dozerbuild is God's calling for no any other explanation would justify quality designs, realistic costs and timely completion schedules in to days probabilistic construction industry.

I highly recommend them to any home developer for you will see the manifestations of God in your project

Public Officer,


I am a Ugandan based in Jinja, Uganda.
I have known Dozerbuild for five years now. I bought a shell house from National Housing in Kampala and since i am in Jinja it was difficult for me to supervise construction work on this house. A friend of mine recommended Dozerbuild to me saying their work is neat and professional.

I have no regrets for contracting Dozerbuild.

They help you work out realistic estimates for every stage you come to, advise on any changes you need to make. Their work is neat and is done on time. The Director is always on site to supervise the work and is a honest and creative person. I would highly recommend this company to anybody looking for professional work at reasonably low cost.



You are great! Because you love what you are doing therefore you do it well. You treat your workers well and you listened patiently to my complaints and followed them up, you also listened to my suggestions. On the whole we had a good working relationship, and I hope we will continue working together in the near future.

Enid Kanyangyeyo


I called on Herbert Shem Sande as a consultant when my 75 year old aunt had a building project that had totally gone out of hand. She had been taken advantage of and what had started as a simple project to add an extra bedroom and expand her kitchen on her three bedroom bungalow had turned into a three storied monstrosity with no clear plan and shoddy workmanship. Herbert was able to not only point out the flaws in the building and how to salvage the project but he was also able to explain everything in clear terms that an old lady like her could understand.

He not only explained the technical aspects of the project and how to salvage it but also e economic aspects. He gave ideas and suggestions on how the building could be used to recoup the investment on it, how to access financing to complete the project and many examples from past projects that he had worked on and thus how to get a return on investment in a reasonable time period.

Because of his advice, what had seemed a totally lost investment is now being turned into not only a good residence for my old aunt but also a source of income in her retirement. He helped us avoid a building that was on the verge of collapse which could have caused even bigger problems.

I also called Herbert in to consult on a village house that my 50 year old mother was constructing. At some point the engineer on the job had totally messed up the plans and the house literally did not make sense. The rooms were too small, facilities were placed in odd places and at some point there was even a room that had no windows at all.

His suggested changes and modifications not only made it into a habitable house but they also took the tastes and preferences of my mother in mind, the result being a house that is a delight for anyone to live in, not only that but his idea to turn one side into a guest apartment to cater for a visiting family and also to double as a guest house would help in providing income to maintain the house.



My name is Patience Natukunda.
Dozerbuild has been of great help to us as a family as we are building our family home. The company director offered to help us from scratch with the plan of the house and has been supportive through the different stages in building it.

We have tapped and benefited from Dozerbuild in terms of materials with fair prices, professional workers, tools to do the work faster and better and even donation of certain materials. We are yet to finish the house and are not worried because we know that with Dozerbuild as our building partner, building will continue to be hassle free!!!!!