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Dozerbuild Uganda has invested in a modern fleet of plant and construction equipment to a level of self sufficiency.

The company specializes in Building Contruction. The company also has an IT system in place capable of handling network planning and numerous other technical programmes in addition to all the normal accounting and wage tasks.
Some of the projects undertaken by Dozerbuild Uganda include:
This four floor office block currently housing the Head office of Compassion International Uganda on plot 2158 block 243 along Luzira road was completed i n a period of 56 calendar weeks At a cost of 234,000 dollars.
The lounge at the Miracle Centre Cathedral was constructed in a record time of 7 weeks; it houses a 300 seater lounge, media centre and a book store.
This three floor office block with fascinating water falls creation All down the stair well was completed within 36 weeks at the cost of 99,450 US dollars.
Water falls in the building above